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Keeping the Homeless in Trenton Healthy

For many, winter’s arrival evokes some mild anxieties — New jackets, flu shots, and buying gifts for our loved ones, to name a few. For individuals experiencing homelessness in Trenton and throughout Mercer County, the reality is a stark contrast to our own. Compared to 2015, the overall homeless population in New Jersey has declined by over 12%, but this is not the case in Trenton. Currently, the state’s capital is facing a massive influx of transient homeless people seeking aid.

East Trenton Organization Brings Housing to City Residents

On 794 E. State St in Trenton is Martin House, the building from which Father Brian McCormick of the Catholic Diocese first established Better Community Housing Trenton (BCHT) in 1972. Known as Father Brian within the community, its founder has devoted his life to building the organization into what it is today -- A non-profit that restores dilapidated and neglected homes in the East Trenton area and sells them strictly to struggling local families.

Dead Astronauts is Not the Sequel We Expected from Jeff Vandermeer

I’ve anxiously awaited a return to the psychotropic experience I remember reading Jeff VanderMeer’s Borne in 2017 — and when I first read his companion text The Strange Bird last year, it became apparent that whatever creative well he’d tapped into in expanding on that fictional world had yet to run dry. Sure enough, Dead Astronauts was released in late 2019 and features a lot of familiar terrain — the city, the desert, the company, creatures that have already made an appearance — but few can dispute that this was far from the return we might have expected.